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Product Description 
  • Max Power1200W
  • Lighting Output138000lm
  • Efficiency115lm/W
  • CRI70Ra, 80Ra, 90Ra
  • Lighting Angle15°, 30°, 45°
  • Color Temp.4000K, 5000K, 5700K, Variable
  • IP/IKIP64 IK08
  • DimmingDALI, 1-10V, DMX, RS485
  • Power Input200-277VAC, 347-480VAC

In indoor sports facilities often limited in ceiling height and with a more reflective floor surface than grass, the introduction of new generations of high-resolution image display requires increasingly powerful lighting to prevent glare for athletes.

SUFA-M, the precision-controlled high-power sports projector, has been specifically designed for this type of requirement. This model is also optionally available in LED with variable color temperature for facilities that require different light quality depending on the type of event hosted.

Optical Innovation

Thanks to the unique optical design of the entire SUFA range, SUFA-M benefits from an optimal lighting design that reduces light pollution and translates the power generated by the diodes into effective ground illumination, while also minimizing glare for players and nearby residents.

Individually adjustable Mini-modules

The SUFA-M is offered as individual and independent 200W modules instead of 600W or 800W for other projectors in the SUFA family. This choice is deliberate in order to reduce the structural load and, most importantly, distribute the light source to further reduce glare and improve precision.

Variable Color Temperature

Thanks to optional variable LED modules and its dedicated driver, SUFA-M is available with variable color temperature using a dedicated DMX512 driver. This option is primarily designed for multi-discipline facilities, where different federations may require different color temperatures.

External Driver

To reduce the load on the installation structure and facilitate maintenance of the power supply unit, the driver for SUFA-A is remote and optionally available with an IP65-rated enclosure. Perfectly suited to be installed in a rack in a dedicated room or in a cabinet at the base of the mast, the RED driver also features 2 independent controllers, each with its own individual DMX512 address, allowing for targeted management to facilitate energy optimization and create even more stunning DMX512 scenic effects.
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