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Outdoor, Sports Type Fixture

Product Description 
  • Max Power1600W
  • Lighting Output192200lm
  • Efficiency120lm/W
  • CRI70Ra, 80Ra, 90Ra
  • Lighting Angle15°, 30°, 45°
  • Color Temp.4000K, 5000K, 5700K
  • IP/IKIP64 IK08
  • DimmingDALI, DMX, RS485
  • Power Input200-277VAC, 347-480VAC

The SUFA-A is the ultimate sports and large space lighting solution, recognized in the market for its performance and precision through numerous international projects. Today, SUFA-A illuminates many internationally renowned professional stadiums, such as the iconic New York Yankees Stadium and several elite European football stadiums like the San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao.

Thanks to its unique design, SUFA-A stands out with unparalleled precision, allowing it to reduce the number of projectors needed for installation while also decreasing power consumption and stress on high-power drivers.

Innovative Optical Design

The NMBF optical technology that sets SUFA projectors apart from competitors is distinguished by individually shaped micro-reflectors designed to produce an optimal illumination beam while reducing light pollution. With hundreds of reflectors individually encompassing each LED diode, SUFA-A precisely directs the beam while minimizing light pollution. This technology translates the luminaire's efficiency into ground illumination efficiency, while also minimizing potential disturbance for residents living around the sports facility.

External Driver

To reduce the load on the installation structure and facilitate maintenance of the power supply unit, the driver of SUFA-A is remote and offered (optionally) with an IP65-rated enclosure. Perfectly suited to be installed in a rack in a dedicated room or a cabinet at the base of the mast, the RED driver also features 2 independent controllers, each with its own individual DMX512 address, allowing for targeted management to facilitate energy optimization and create even more stunning DMX512 scenic effects.

High-Performance Heat Management

To achieve both performance and long-term durability, SUFA-A benefits from a complex thermal dissipation design with a very large overall dissipation surface area, enabling the handling of high power levels within a relatively compact design. Additionally, with the two adjustable panels, the overall power of SUFA-A can be precisely directed with flexibility to ensure better control.

Special Effect Compatible

Wired connection of SUFA-A projectors to the GeSS Wire control center enables adaptive luminaire management for both pre-programmed variations and scenic functions, ensuring a spectacular ambiance with the secure in-house RS485-based protocol or with the open DMX512 protocol. The latter is fully compatible with consoles or third-party computing solutions from various brands. Moreover, by adopting the most popular protocol used by motorized stage lights, the stage manager can fully exploit SUFA-A for their creative projects.
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