Project Paris RER-C Station | St Michel Nôtre-Dame

We have already published an article on the RER C Station project at St-Michel SNCF previously. Following the completion of the project, carried out by Bouygues E&S, we are pleased to share some images of the project featuring our Mini Type (MSI-3) with the Multicontact option, as well as the Multicircuit option. For this project, we custom-delivered the lift in gray color to match the associated luminaires. Additionally, the standard attachment ring on the mobile plate was replaced by a threaded pipe to facilitate luminaire installation via a tube.

Specifically developed for lightweight luminaires, the Mini Type seamlessly integrates into the architecture thanks to its flat shape and compactness. Furthermore, this device will undergo significant mechanical revisions in the coming months to become even more versatile. To celebrate this new release, we plan to offer a special promotion in the second half of 2024.

Feel free to take a look at our ceiling devices on your next visit to Saint-Michel Notre-Dame station and contact us if you are interested in receiving technical and commercial information about our lifting solution.

Associated Images