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For security and ease of maintenance

MinoLight, the exclusive French distributor of ReelTech, presents a lifting solution dedicated to luminaires and chandeliers. Featuring innovative patented technologies, the luminaire lift solution serves as an electrical and signal relay while also providing motorization for the associated equipment. Designed to facilitate access to ceiling installations, it is the ideal companion for chandeliers and luminaires installed at heights of up to 30 meters or electrical equipment located above obstacles such as stairs or industrial equipment.

Why motorize lightings and chandeliers?

Risk of falling
Risks related to electricity
Cost and Time of intervention
Number of workplace accidents due to falls
Accidents resulting in permanent disability
Fatal Accident per year

Chutes accidentelles et ses conséquences

Accidental falls are the leading cause of workplace accidents in Europe. The National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS) explicitly recommends that ceiling equipment, especially lighting fixtures, be mounted on systems allowing descent and ascent for maintenance to reduce the risk of accidents. In industries or commercial sites with high activity intensity, accidental falls are even more common because their opening hours require technical interventions to be organized during nighttime hours, when the risk of accidents is multiplied. With MinoLight’s lifting solution, maintenance personnel no longer need to access heights to intervene on ceiling equipment. Instead of people going up, the equipment descends to human height to ensure ease and safety of all operations. Furthermore, its robust design incorporating a unique locking mechanism ensures an improved level of safety against the risk of falling suspended equipment.

Rate of electrical fires

Reduction of risks related to electricity for the building and personnel

According to studies published by the IRTS, cable overheating due to insufficient ventilation or faulty installation is one of the main causes of electrical fires in France. This risk factor becomes even more significant when cable reels are installed in recessed areas. However, conventional electric or manual lifting systems for electrical equipment require cable winding devices to power suspended equipment. To address this issue, our motorization solution integrates a bipolar contact electrical transmission system that ensures electrical transmission without the need for a cable winding device. Furthermore, the electrical equipment associated with our lift is completely isolated from electricity when in the lowered position, allowing personnel to intervene safely, even without electrical certification. Electrocution at height often leads to serious, even fatal falls for victims. Our motorization solution, combined with an effective isolation device, provides an ideal response to the safety issues of personnel and buildings against electrical risks.

Better cost management

The operating and maintenance costs represent 3/4 of the total cost of a building. Therefore, it is critical to integrate a thorough consideration of maintenance costs in the medium and long term from the design stage of the building, whether it is industrial or tertiary.

Regarding lighting, professional clients are starting to adopt an approach based on a total cost analysis thanks to the democratization of LED technology. Indeed, recognized for its economic viability due to its optimized consumption and a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, LED lighting is more expensive to purchase. To justify the higher initial investment, asset managers have relied on analytical projections over a period of 5 to 10 years, including consumption and maintenance costs, to highlight the benefits of LED technology.
However, LED lighting does not eliminate the need for maintenance for all types of installations. In industrial or tertiary sites with high levels of suspended dust or humidity, the soiling of optics can reduce the luminous flux of luminaires more or less quickly, requiring human intervention to clean the optics according to standards such as NBN EN 12464-1. In industries producing significant heat, LED technology may not be the most suitable as high ambient temperatures have a critical impact on the lifespan of LEDs. Decorative luminaires with complex shapes such as chandeliers require regular maintenance operations to maintain their aesthetic appeal, regardless of the light source used.
Furthermore, it is important to note the existence of two types of relamping: corrective and preventive. When a luminaire is replaced due to a malfunction, this operation is called “corrective,” while the anticipated replacement of all installations according to a maintenance plan is called “preventive.” To reduce the cost of occasional interventions and to avoid having site activities managed by maintenance, professional managers resort to preventive relamping according to the maintenance plan. Thus, a large portion of still functional luminaires are replaced with new ones.
The lighting lift solves these issues. Not only does it facilitate access to the luminaire for occasional cleanings to maintain optimal light levels, but it also eliminates the need for preventive relamping to optimize the overall maintenance cost.

Why are our lifts so special?

The lifting solution offered by MinoLight for ceiling fixtures is characterized by various innovative features. Indeed, these devices are not simple electrical lifting devices but real intelligent relays for electrical current and signals, allowing them to stand out as a unique solution capable of accommodating numerous complex equipment.
Lifting & Transmission
Photo Multicontact CSI-12

Thanks to its ingenious double bipolar contact system, electricity transmission is ensured when the lifting system is in the high position. During operation, the transmission is completely isolated, allowing personnel to work on suspended equipment safely at ground level without the need for an electrician’s qualification.

To improve this feature, the Multicontact option is offered to allow our lifting system to have up to 6 free circuits dedicated to audiovisual signals or control, to meet more advanced technical requirements.

Thus, our lifts go beyond the scope of simple lifting devices and emerge as true motorized relays for any suspended equipment, whether it’s lighting connected to the DMX/DALI BUS, sound equipment, dynamic signage, or even video surveillance cameras.

Innovative Security Stopper
Stopper verrouillage treuil

All our lifts feature a safety locking system coupled with robust lifting cables to ensure safe operation for both the public and the suspended equipment. In the operational position, the load of the suspended equipment is held by this locking system, even in the absence of electrical current, to release the tension applied to the lifting cable. This device serves as a safety brake and also ensures the longevity of our devices by sparing the lifting cables from constant tension.

This locking system, designed to hold up to 1 000KG of load, allows our lifts to comply with the European and French safety standards (§4, Art. L 57 Arr. 5 February 2007, art. 1) for use in ERP (Establishments Receiving Public), which require a double safety device distinct and of different design for all suspended mobile equipment.

Wireless Control

In order to facilitate the use of lifts and associated equipment, our devices integrate wireless technology at the core of their functionalities. The wireless remote control allows individual or group control of the ascent or descent of the winches, as well as the turning on and off of the suspended equipment.

This device also allows for checking the total usage time of the equipment to facilitate maintenance and replacement planning.

In the case of using recognized luminaires from ReelTech, the same remote control can receive alerts in case of technical issues and even provide real-time monitoring of the interior temperature of the luminaire.

Our lifts for lightings and chandeliers