New Model | MSI-LNXXX

For the first half of 2024, MinoLight and its partner ReelTech are launching a new exceptional offer by combining our entry-level Mini wire rope hoist, MSI-3, with a high-performance 200W or 150W LED suspension.

With an efficiency of 145lm/W, our LED suspension is compact and lightweight, making it perfectly suitable for the Mini hoist MSI-3 for simplified installation in high-ceiling sites. Capable of also receiving autonomous light or motion sensors, the MSI-LNXXX suspensions integrate well with dynamic energy optimization needs.

Moreover, the integrated lifting system facilitates the dusting of the luminaire’s heat sinks to extend its lifespan while ensuring its best performance over time.

Additionally, the MSI-LNXXX features a new functionality that allows users to check the total operating time of the luminaire. With this information, we cannot only offer a standard 5-year warranty but also guarantee a real operating time of 40,000 hours.