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Lighting has been a true marker of human evolution. Thanks to light, humans reshape perception and condition their environment. In the modern world, light has become a powerful tool for work, architecture, medicine, and even communication. In line with the expanding uses of light, the discipline of lighting design, which includes techniques for mastering light for lighting needs, has also evolved to adopt increasingly complex implementation methods in the relentless effort to better illuminate the environment around us.

MinoLight, a recognized expert in technical lighting since 2014, offers a selection of groundbreaking solutions to improve the use of technical lighting to meet the new challenges of modern lighting design, in terms of energy consumption, versatility, and precision. As a strategic partner to recognized players in the lighting industry, MinoLight's commitment ensures not only the most efficient solutions but also personalized support for a proposal perfectly tailored to each project.

To better support our clients with the most demanding needs, MinoLight has the rare expertise to offer complex lighting simulations, both for tertiary sites and especially for approved sports facilities such as stadiums with multiple broadcast cameras and precise lighting requirements, as for stadiums referenced by FIFA or UEFA. Additionally, our technical support equipment is also available to accompany the client to the site during the projector calibration process to ensure that the final result corresponds well to the lighting study and guarantee the stadium's approval by the relevant sports federation.
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Manufacturer of lifting solutions for ceiling-mounted electrical equipment, ReelTech offers a comprehensive range of innovative lifting solutions for luminaires and chandeliers.

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As a renowned manufacturer of top-tier sports and industrial lighting solutions, GigateraLED offers exceptional outdoor floodlights, equipping the largest international stadiums.

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As a European manufacturer of sports and industrial luminaires, PBLC offers high-performance and robust lighting solutions, perfectly suited to the specific and demanding needs of the European and French markets.

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