GeSS Control System

Lighting Management Systems

One of the advantages of LED compared to older light sources is its ability for instant on/off without a warm-up period and its inherently electronic design, allowing for easier integration into centralized management systems, enabling more advanced energy optimization.

MinoLight offers robust management solutions for its luminaires and projectors, both for energy optimization and for integration into multifunctional uses, through its historical partners Gigatera and Chromateq. Covering integration with industrial standards such as DALI and DMX512, it also offers a dedicated platform for management via encrypted and proprietary protocols such as RS-485 and wireless connection via ZigBee through GeSS Sports or GeSS Cloud software. Additionally, in 2023, MinoLight launches the RAS (Remote Auto-Steering), a revolutionary motorized orientation solution for sports floodlights or large spaces. With this solution, MinoLight offers the most comprehensive market offer to meet the diverse needs of our customers for any specific use.