Innovation II : Low Lighting Pollution LEDs

Adapté à la transmission UHD

Sports lighting, often installed at great heights, poses extreme technical challenges to illuminate the field according to current standards while respecting regulatory obligations related to light pollution, energy consumption, and electro-mechanical durability. Due to these complexities, the adoption of LED sources for sports facilities has been relatively late compared to other sectors. MinoLight and its partners have been pioneers in this field and have been committed to convincing French and European stakeholders to transition to LED lighting for the past decade.

Today, it is almost inconceivable to undertake a new sports project without LED lighting, and it has become the de facto standard. Thanks to its efficiency, connectivity, and compatibility with new generations of HD (and UHD) image broadcasting technologies, LED has become indispensable in the sports industry despite initial skepticism.

MinoLight and its partner, Gigatera, continue their collective efforts to offer the most efficient solutions but also push their commitment further by proposing complementary solutions that could bring even more added value to sports lighting.

Our sports projectors and auxiliary solutions have been developed in close consultation with the technical managers of internationally renowned stadiums. Today, they illuminate stadiums such as the New York Yankees Stadium (MLB), Borussia Monchengladbach (Bundesliga), San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao (La Liga), or the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Center (Australia), which hosted the prestigious Sydney Tournament (ATP World Tour). Our projectors have become true references for very large projects.

Why our LEDs?

Energetic Optimization
LED, being less energy-intensive and more durable than traditional lighting sources, also has another advantage compared to more traditional lighting sources: it is an electronic component and adapts more easily to other modern components, facilitating smart management.

Our sports projectors have been developed to be controlled with various traditional control protocols including DMX-512, DALI, and 1-10V*. In addition, luminaires equipped with integrated drivers can accommodate ZigBee nodes for wireless control using the GeSS Air platform.

In 2022, MinoLight offers municipalities and multi-site managers the opportunity to manage their entire lighting infrastructure from a single management point by combining the robust performance of ad-hoc ZigBee wireless connectivity with the new GeSS Cloud platform.
Our Management Solutions
* Peut se varier selon les modèles et disponibilités
GeSS Control System
Une Solution et pas seulement un produit
MinoLight is not a simple supplier of materials. It has the expertise to assist engineering firms and clients in optimizing their projects and ensuring that the installations meet the targeted standards.

Particularly important for certified sports facilities, MinoLight guarantees the lighting compliance of these facilities with a 3D study upfront using tools such as Dialux or Relux, and collaborates with image broadcasters and sports federations to propose installations that not only meet minimum regulations but also perform well for broadcasters.

Our experience as an engineering firm for major projects enables us to offer customized lighting simulations for stadiums and arenas equipped with UHD broadcast cameras, ensuring compliance with standards for vertical lighting towards the cameras.

Furthermore, our sports projectors are compatible with slow-motion images up to 1500fps without flickering for perfect rendering of the most demanding image captures.
Our Sports Lightings
Optical Engineering
Our sports projector offerings come in two product families: high-precision spotlights and wide-angle asymmetrical floodlights. The professional narrow beam-forming (NMBF) reflector design, a signature feature of our SUFA product family, drastically reduces light pollution while providing optimal precision and capturing more light output on the ground with the same power as another luminaire of equivalent power.
Standard OpticsNMBF Optics
Standard Optics
NMBF Optics
Light pollution due to transparent polycarbonate optics, which are cheaper to manufacture, causing power loss and annoyance to residents.
The NBMF technology with mini chrome-plated reflectors effectively controls the loss of luminous flux.
New Sports Solution 2024 
To complement our high-precision offerings, we introduce in 2023 the RAS, a solution for motorized orientation of projectors, allowing managers of very large sports facilities to reduce the number of projectors deployed while ensuring impeccable performance for each use through a pre-scripted solution. Moreover, this innovation enhances the potential of LED projectors for scenic use in stadiums.
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