Compatible with DALI/DMX/1-10V

Photo Multicontact CSI-12

Option with Multiple Possibilities

As more and more electrical equipment becomes connected, the connections required for these suspended devices are not limited solely to power but also include signal transmission. To ensure compatibility of all our devices with centralized equipment via various communication protocols, including digital signals, we offer the Multicontact option.

The Multicontact option mainly comes in two variants. The first is intended for single-cable models (CSI-12, HSI-18, PSI-20, and PSI-30), where the lift are equipped with 8 independent contacts. For double cable lifting models (MDI-9, CDI-15, HDI-25, PDI-35, PDI-50), the number of circuits is reduced to 6. The circuits dedicated to control signals are naturally compatible with low current up to 5A. As for the four models belonging to the Super Heavy Duty Type, they are equipped with 4 contacts dedicated to control signals, compatible notably with DALI or DMX.

Dedicated Guidance Axis

To ensure proper alignment between compatible circuits, the single-cable Multicontact option is equipped with a rotating guidance axis to ensure the connection between the correct contacts. Beyond facilitating the connection between male and female contacts, this mechanism also maintains the initial angle of the equipment after installation – a critical function for equipment such as surveillance cameras or non-cylindrical equipment that requires a fixed installation angle.