Sneak Peek : New Sports Floodlight SUFA 2024

SUFA-X Homebush Australie

To better meet the needs of the high-performance sports lighting market, MinoLight, in collaboration with Gigatera, introduces the new SUFA floodlight range. This floodlight boasts a fundamentally different design from conventional offerings, with redesigned optics to reduce glare and lighten its overall weight.

Reducing the weight of sports floodlights is a particular challenge because homologated sports equipment requires a significant number of floodlights to achieve the rendering demanded by respective sports federations. Compared to metal halide floodlights, the weight of LED floodlights is equivalent, but new safety standards and the requirements for broadcasting in high definition 4K and 8K mean that stadiums need to equip more floodlights than before.

As a result, it is frequently observed that existing poles or support structures are not adequate for the increased number of floodlights, and consequently, upgrading sports lighting often requires replacing or reinforcing these supports rather than simply “relamping.”

To address this problem, we are pleased to announce that our new generation of SUFA floodlights, with its precise intensive and semi-intensive beams, suitable for professional and semi-professional stadiums, will weigh only 9.2 kg (excluding power driver) and less than 17 kg with its power supply.

With a weight reduction of more than 40%, this new generation of sports floodlights also benefits from an innovative optical design, which is part of our DNA, ensuring uncompromised lighting quality.

This product will be officially announced at the start of the 2024 season. If you would like to receive information in confidential sneak peek about this product in advance and in complete confidentiality, please do not hesitate to contact us.