Independant power outpout for Lift and Lighting

Option Multicircuit

To meet the need for asymmetric control of the lift and associated equipment, MinoLight offers the Multicontact option, which allows the separation of the lifting motor power from that of the electrical equipment via two independent circuits. This option is essential in sites where electrical irregularities pose a risk of failure for the electric motor, which is more sensitive than luminaires.

With separate voltage inputs for the luminaire and the lift, the lift power circuit remains inactive even during luminaire operation. This ensures better protection for the lift electrical circuits. Additionally, this option becomes indispensable if the luminaire electrical circuit is equipped with a Triac dimmer, which can cause instantaneous motor failure. For such installations, it is essential to have two AC230V circuits, with the first dedicated solely to the motor and the second for the luminaire with the Triac dimmer.

The Multicircuit option is offered as standard with the entire range of Super Heavy Duty products. For the need to have low-current circuits for dimming protocols like DALI or 1-10V, please click the link to access the dedicated Multicontact option page.

Note: The lift power and luminaire power cannot be turned on simultaneously to avoid potentially hazardous electrical arcing in the event of motor operation with the bipolar contacts still electrified.