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Specializing in lighting solutions for large spaces, particularly in sports and industrial environments, MinoLight has been assisting municipalities, facility managers, and building maintainers in France and across Europe for over a decade.

Renowned for its expertise and innovative lighting solutions, MinoLight is recognized by industry leaders such as Bouygues E&S, SPIE, and Disneyland for our commitment to introducing several major innovative initiatives to advance the entire lighting industry.

If you have a project for sports or industrial lighting, requiring not only the best high-performance equipment but also expert advice including comprehensive lighting simulations and on-site expertise to verify the certification of your facility, our technical and commercial teams are at your service to assist you. 
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- New Products 2024 -

Steel Sport

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the SteelSport range is perfectly suited for indoor gyms, thanks to its sturdy frame, certified IK10. Additionally, its lighting optics are protected by a protective grid to withstand daily impacts.

With an exceptional efficiency of 140lm/W, SteelSport is specifically designed to easily replace traditional fluorescent sports luminaires.

Equipped with a high-performance power driver, SteelSport offers DALI dimming as standard.


Introducing our new vertical motorization offering, MSI-LNXXX is a comprehensive solution including a high-performance LED industrial suspension and a vertical motorization hoist, capable of incorporating a motion/light sensor for ligihting management. Its lifting motor facilitates optical cleaning or luminaire replacement, enabling installations to operate under ideal conditions.

Precisely developed to enhance the ROI of lighting motorizations in industrial sites, MSI-LNXXX is the ultimate solution to ensure both performance and longevity of industrial suspensions.

This new range will be available in two variants, including the 150W and 200W models, and will be introduced starting from June 2024.


The Remote Auto Steering System (RAS) is a unique solution integrated with all types of our professional sports floodlights, enabling the motorization of floodlights so that their orientation can be adjusted remotely either individually or according to predefined scenarios.

With RAS, multi-disciplinary sports facilities and large industrial spaces with partial usage can reduce up to 40% of their unnecessary installations. When combined with our RGB floodlights, RAS transforms into a true motorized moving head for large spaces, compatible with DMX512.