Industrial Type Fixture

Product Description
  • Max Power200W
  • Lighting Output32000lm
  • Efficiency160lm/W
  • CRI80Ra
  • Lighting Angle90°, 120°
  • Color Temp.4000K, 5000K
  • IP/IKIP64 IK08
  • DimmingCapteur Multifonctions
  • Power Input200-277VAC

MinoLight and its partner ReelTech are offering a new solution that includes a high-performance industrial suspension system combined with an adapted motorization system to permanently secure ceiling installations in industrial and commercial spaces.

The variant of the Mini lifting motor, the MSI-LN series, is paired with a suspension system perfectly adjusted to its motorized capacity. The high-efficiency suspension, with an efficacy of up to 160lm/W, meets diverse needs with its two variants of 150W and 200W, and optional optics of 90° and 120°.

The MSI-LN LED suspension can be paired with an individual multifunction sensor, capable of managing the switching on and off according to human presence or ambient light levels.

Lift unto 15 meters

Thanks to dedicated motorization, MSI-LN can be lowered down to 15m to facilitate cleaning or replacement of luminaires, ensuring optimal energy performance and ideal lighting conditions.

Except to Annual Inspections

Thanks to the mechanical locking device in the high position, the weight support provided by our motorization systems is not ensured by the electric motor or the lifting cables. It is ensured by the mechanism that blocks the luminaire's descent. Therefore, all our lifting systems, including the MSI-LN, are exempt from the annual periodic inspection required by the February 5, 2007 decree on safety standards in ERP (Establishments Receiving Public).

Advanced wireless features

Thanks to the wireless RCU remote control, multiple MSI-LN units can be wirelessly controlled using an RCU remote control. This remote control not only allows for electrical manipulation of the motorization but also manages the light intensity. Additionally, it is possible to check the operating hours of the lights to manage the periodic relamping program.

Integrated Multisensor

Thanks to the multifunction sensor embedded in each suspension, the MSI-LN can intelligently adapt to its environment based on human presence or ambient light without any specific programming.
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