Sync Motion

Sync Multiples Lifts

Our lifting solution is not limited to individual ceiling fixtures. To make the lifts compatible with the lifting needs of ramps, horizontal banners, wide dynamic signage, or even scenic gates, MinoLight offers the synchronous operation option. Unlike the standard group control of lifts, synchronous operation is made possible by adding additional sensors to each device capable of accurately calculating the manoeuvring speed and sharing this information with the other associated lifts. This information sharing allows for adjusting the individual speed of the lifts to ensure perfect synchronous operation of the suspended structure.

By combining the Sync Motin with lifts from the Super Heavy Duty Type, it is possible to achieve a motorization solution that includes electrical transmission of up to 64A of power and 8 independent circuits, 6 of which can be used to provide input and output for DMX512 (3-Pin Cable) in a communication loop.