RAS équipé avec SUFA-A


(Remote Auto-Steering)

The RAS (Remote Auto-Steering) is a unique solution designed to simplify and enhance the installation of sports floodlights and large spaces. With RAS, the installation of sports floodlights, which requires complex and costly height calibration operations, can now be completed remotely from the ground, using computer control, with significantly reduced human and material costs.

RAS also provides great scenic flexibility, especially for multi-disciplinary sports facilities. It is possible to script the orientation of each luminaire optimally according to usage to avoid overuse of resources.

Also compatible with GeSS Wire software using the RS485 protocol and optionally with DMX512, the movement can also be scripted to involve sports floodlights in the spectacle in a more spectacular way, like stage lights, offering a unique experience to spectators.
Video Presentation
Power Input12VDC
Max Consumption36W
ConnecterSU3-20SP-14P (Plus)
Angle AdjustmentsVertical ±80° / Horizontal ±80°
Max Weight Load on motor35kg
Size (in mm)152 x 242 x 181
MaterialMolded Aluminum with Powder Paint
Operationnal Temp.-20°c~50°c
Expected Life Cycle55 000 Complete rotations
RAS Plan
Compatibles LED Projectors