Compatibilité de connexion numérique Ethernet

Treuil Etanche PTZ

Variant of the Multicontact

The IP/PoE option is a variant of the Multicontact and Multicircuit option. The standard transmission plate is replaced by a system of 8 separate contacts with a central guiding axis. However, instead of having a dedicated AC230V input and auxiliary cables for low-voltage control, the IP/PoE option simply has a power supply for the lift motor and an RJ45 input/output.

Furthermore, the mechanism of the IP/PoE option differs from the standard Multicontact option in the way that the motor remains tighter instead of shifting the weight onto the locking system. Indeed, the standard model tends to slightly release the cable tension to avoid stressing the lifting cables, but with the IP/PoE Option, connection stability is prioritized, and the motor remains tight in the high position to ensure good contact between the moving plate and the motorized housing.


The IP/PoE Option allows transforming ReelTech lifts into a true digital relay for low-power connected smart devices using the IP/PoE protocol. This protocol allows the connected device to be powered with only an RJ45 Ethernet cable up to 12.95W.

This type of unified transmission for data and power has become the standard for several types of smart devices. This option is essential for surveillance cameras, especially PTZ cameras, as well as connected fire detectors.

Furthermore, by combining two devices with the Synchronous option, one with standard AC230V transmission and the other lift with the IP/PoE option with an HDMI converter, it is also possible to motorize a high-resolution dynamic display.