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Eclairage Type Grand Espace, Sportif

Descriptif produit
  • Puissance maximale600W
  • Flux lumineux75000lm
  • Efficacité125lm/W
  • IRC70Ra, 80Ra
  • Angles faisceauxAsymétrique large
  • Temp. couleurs4000K, 5000K, 5700K
  • IP/IKIP64 IK08
  • VariationDALI, ZigBee, DMX, RS485
  • Entrée alim.200-277VAC, 347-480VAC

SUMA est un projecteur à conception optique singulière, type « inversée » afin de proposer un faisceau asymétrique extrême. Ce projecteur se déploie principalement en association avec les MAHA Plus pour éclairer les zones éloignées sur un terrain sportif, ou pour éclairer les terrains extérieurs de manutention industrielles, éloignées des mâts d’éclairage.

Reversed Asymmetrical optical Design

The LED module on the SUMA is positioned in such a way that the light beam projection is highly asymmetrical with a long throw. This design allows for precise illumination of desired areas while controlling light pollution and ensuring minimal light spillage under the mast.

External Driver

Perfectly suited to be installed in a rack in a dedicated room or in a cabinet at the base of the mast, the RED driver also features 2 independent controllers, each with a unique DMX512 address, allowing for targeted management for energy optimization and to create even more stunning DMX512 scenic effects.

Flicker Free

Thanks to its high-quality diodes coupled with the driver developed specifically for the most demanding needs, MAHA can guarantee excellent image quality in television broadcast and eliminate stroboscopic effects for better safety.

Wireless Connectivity

In addition to standard connection protocols like DALI and DMX, SUMA projectors optionally benefit from ZigBee technology, a wireless connectivity protocol, which allows for integrating sports projector management into a centralized system for energy optimization or versatile equipment use.
SUMA Ref.1 UKGlaz Arena Suma REf 2Vichy Suma Ref. 3
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